What Is Online Reputation Management & Why Should You Care?

  • The simplest way to explain what Online Reputation is your Online Resume, which is just a simple search away in Google.
  • So if you Google your own name: You would find a list of all your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and websites listed on the 1st page of Google.
  • That is essentially your new-age Resume or online business card.
  • Why? Simply because everything is going digital these days, even with money. Look at how much the eWallet industry has grown over the past few years! So why do you still hand out business cards when it’s No1 (not environmental friendly) since people usually just chuck it away once they get back because if it’s important enough, they would have saved your contact number in their phone, right?
  • Anyway, moving back to reputation management. Now a lot of people mistaken this as branding and let me explain why is it different from branding. 
  • Branding is an exercise where you are in CONTROL because it’s things like your Logo, Your story, Your ambassadors, Your office, etc.
  • Think of Branding as what you’re telling the world about your company/business.
  • Whilst Reputation is not something where you’re in FULL control, it’s actually what others think/say about your company/business.
  • So think of it as a “vote”. Now this isn’t just about the happiness of your customers either (even though it is important), this could range from the satisfaction of your employees to how ethical your products/services are being produced/manufactured etc.
  • So you might be wondering, what does all this got to do with me or even SEO?
  • In order for me to explain this, let me share with you briefly the 7 steps of a typical buying cycle.

Buying Cycle

  • UnAwareness
  • Awareness
  • Interest / Education
  • Consideration
  • Justification
  • Purchase
  • Post-Purchase