On Page SEO – What Does It Mean To You?


The 20% SEO Core Elements That You “Control”.

If you are:

1) Doing affiliate SEO?
2) Run your own business with website (duh!)?
3) Do SEO for local businesses?

Then you will probably have these questions:

1) What the heck is on page SEO?
2) Why should I care about META TAGS?
3) How can on page SEO help my website?
4) How to perform proper on page SEO?
5) How do I know if my site got proper on page SEO?
6) What is a proper internal linking structure of my site?
7) How to get the most out of my link juices?

Well, in this video, I’ll be covering all that & the nitty gritty stuff about on page SEO and the importance of having a proper internal linking structure & content. This will save you tons of effort & fully maximizing your link building work later down the track.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it!


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