Implementing SEO Strategies That Are Sustainable In 2017

SEO Strategies 2015

The tactics presented here are mainly dependent upon boosting the good experience of the customer. This is determined by using an influx of data available rather than simply catering to search engine out the rhythms for the purpose of improving SEO.

SEO Strategies 2017

Although 2017 is already well underway, there are lots of opportunities to be had in terms of refining strategies for search marketing. For many years, search engine optimization has been the main foundation when it comes to digital marketing. In order to keep that value across enterprises, a strategy must be resilient, renewable, sustainable and capable of helping digital marketing become a personal customer experience on a global scale. Today we understand that the customers loyalty, trust and natural promotion of products, goods, services and companies is just as important in the virtual world as it is in the real world.

Here is a question you should ask yourself about your current SEO strategies:

“Is the main focus of my strategy improving my customers experience, fulfilling their needs and providing them with value, or am I simply catering to search engine algorithms?”

 2017 Marks The Return Of SEO To Its Organic Roots

As a follower of my columns, you are sure to know that I focused a great deal of attention in 2014 on topics such as:

* Natural language processing

* Structured authoring

* Semantic search

* Localization

In more recent times, I have devoted quite a bit of attention to the concept of:

* Co–occurrence

* Co-Citation

* Hummingbird

Now in 2017 I am focusing on the return of SEO to following best practices when it comes to organic search. This is truly of vital importance in terms of search query results, authority and rank determination. So regardless of whether you’re doing SEO Penang, SEO Kuala Lumpur, or SEO Johor, this applies to you:


What Is The History Of Organic Search?

When consumers began taking their shopping online, brands followed. This is how organic search became established as a digital marketing channel. Before there were search engines, it was necessary to know a brands URL website address. If you did not know this, you could not find their product. The visibility of a brand was very dependent upon consumers record-keeping abilities. This was a very primitive system that made functioning online very difficult for consumers.

With the advent of organic search, it became necessary for search engines to assist consumers in navigating through the huge number of websites that began to emerge. The reason search engines exist is that they fulfill consumer need. Hot on the heels of the development of search engines, and organic search channel emerged. This was the foundational marketing channel that drove all new businesses online and cause search visibility to become a top priority. Online improvements in search engine results have always been driven by the needs of both consumers and brands.

Remember that SEO is the practice of search engine optimization. It came into being because of the need of brands to compete with one another for top listings in the new world of organic search engine channels. This situation also made it necessary for brands to struggle mightily for the attention of consumers. Search engines struggled valiantly to represent the needs of and support the consumers in their search for high quality, authoritative and relevant information regarding the products, services and businesses they sought online.

Because search engines are always striving to serve Internet users more efficiently, there is frequent disruption in the world of Search Engine Optmization. This state of affairs has kept online businesses constantly vying for the very best performance in the management of their organic search channels. Predictions in the changes that occur in search engine optimization from one year to the next are usually based upon search engines efforts to change and adjust search algorithms in an effort to provide better products and services to consumers. Essentially, SEO’s have existed in the service of businesses while search engines have existed in the service of consumers.

This is a basic conflict of interest, but it has drawn lots of attention to the ongoing struggle for power that keeps the search engine optimization industry in a constant state of change. It also explains the gradual but inevitable move of SEO back to its organic base. The wonderful thing about organic search is that it establishes an understood factor of trust. With organic search, brands cannot purchase their position at the top of the list. Companies are only listed first when they have earned that honor.


Organic Search Strategy That Is Sustainable Is The Watchword for 2017 And The Foreseeable Future

How did you answer the question regarding your search engine optimization strategy? Have you been able to eliminate the problem of conflict of interest and simply moved forward toward providing your customers with high quality content and relevant responses to their concerns? If you have done so, then you have joint search engines in their efforts to constantly look for ways to provide better service for consumers. In this way, you have eliminated the conflict of interest!

I believe that in 2017 and into the foreseeable future, it will be necessary for all brands to create organic search strategies that are sustainable and consumer focused. They must adopt an approach that assists consumers in every step of the buying cycle. Content and information must be entertaining, relevant and valuable.

In organic search strategy involves total brand presence. It is not focused on keyword rankings. Instead, it focuses on understanding the customers behaviors and needs, purchasing preferences and successful conversion paths. It is based in optimizing and informing other marketing functions. These can include social aspects and content as well as public relations and Internet technology. These must be in alignment with display and with paid search. One of the main things to keep in mind is that consumers must be truly engaged whenever they encounter your product, service or company online in any channel. Your content must provide your customers with personalized and valuable service.


Solid Steps To Take To Attain Success In Organic Search Strategy

  1. Remember that your customer is initially encountered on mobile. This is why your organic mobile search process needs to be completely capable of effective engagement from start to finish. The customer should be able to close the deal on mobile. Alternately, you should be able to follow the consumer seamlessly to his or her personal computer, laptop or tablet until you have been able to attain conversion with offers and personalized messages.
  2. Keep excellent website visitor engagement in mind at all times. Your focus should be on your customer satisfaction rather than on the number of people who visit your site. Use a wide variety of efforts in your organic search so that you can generate traffic from various sources and social channels. You can use your social channel like an alternative search engine in which your visibility is very high. This will allow you to be recognized as an authoritative and influential information source.
  3. Provide your visitors with interesting, engaging, well-written content that is really helpful to them. Develop the internal search engine of your website so that it is vertical and authoritative regarding the influence and strength of your brand.
  4. Be sure that your content is structured in such a way that search engines will be able to compare it equally with other content. You want to be on a level playing field with your competitors.
  5. Make good use of your content in all of your social channels as a means of opening up two-way communication. Set your sights on speaking with your prospective customers, as opposed to talking at them. Ideally, your return on investment for this type of effort is an improvement in word-of-mouth and pass along referrals online. When your customers mention the name of your brand and share the titles of your articles, it represents very valuable, sustainable advertising for you. Sustainability is dependent upon having your content and your brand discussed by a great many customers in a regular ongoing fashion. This will help place you very high in search engine rankings.

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