Are You Interested in Growing Business and Getting an Edge on Your Competition?

If So, You May Be in The Right Place.

Robin Ooi is the new age digital marketing entrepreneur specialising in Search Engine Optimisation (aka SEO). Currently, he is one of the best SEO consultant and coach in South East Asia, and has worked with corporations and businesses world wide to consult on cutting edge SEO strategies. He founded Catapultz Group in Australia specialising in the best SEO solutions for businesses and has since expanded to South East Asia in 2015. He is also an Amazon’s best selling author of “Your SEO Sucks” – available in Kindle.

Robin is also a prominent coach in the SEO niche and has over 60 students under his tutelage. During his leisure period, Robin speaks at corporate events to educate his clientele on the emergence of new digital marketing strategies specifically in the SEO niche.

Robin started his online marketing journey when he was studying part time in Brisbane and had plenty of time to kill. It started as a challenge to him to make his first $1 online. From there his love for online marketing entrepreneurship blossomed to what it is today.

According to Robin, there is never a better time to start your online entrepreneurship than NOW. With the advent of new technologies and heavy reliance of everything online, everyone should know how to leverage on the Internet to their gains.

With over 7 years of combined experience in digital marketing and SEO, Robin brings with him a wealth of experience to be shared with his fellow students. From his workshop you will learn the fundamentals of online marketing, find out why SEO is the most powerful and sought after skill in the online world.

For the last couple of years Robin have been quietly growing vast expertise as a search engine optimisation consultant. With a background in business and corporate finance, Robin understands the challenges of not only large corporations, but business professionals and new start-ups as well.

Robin works closely with my clients to generate top tier organic results in search engine. Robin has traveled across United States to network, partner and collaborate with the best in the industry.

The result? Dollar-for-dollar one of the best SEO services in Malaysia available. Now I’m here to share it with you.

Robin is completely results focused. He wants to make you money – that’s all he cares about. You won’t see reports from him about backlink submissions, pagerank increases or any other SEO industry buzzwords. All he cares about is your return on investment. He holds a 100% client satisfaction rate, and are dead serious about upholding it.

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, feel free to contact Robin for a private discussion about your project.